What is Uganda like and what is the Ugandan Education system like?

About Uganda - Blessed HillUgandan’s refer to Uganda as the “pearl of Africa” because its weather varies. There is a lot of rain and sun, so crops grow well. In the mountainous regions there is even snow. Blessed Hill is situated is around 2 hours from Lake Victoria and is very hot.

A civil war ended around 10 years ago. Since then a democratic political party has come to power and society is currently under the process of modernisation. However, despite these positives, there are still a lot of social economic problems that make life difficult.

On average 176 people a day contract AIDS and diseases such as Malaria Typhus and Polio are commonplace. The orphans at Blessed Hill have mostly lost their parents through AIDS or other disease, car crashes or the wars in Uganda and the bordering countries; Rwanda and Burundi.

The government have begun to formalise the education system, however it is only available to those who can afford it. In Uganda, to finish primary school is an achievement and many do not manage to make it this far. After P7, most children begin work. Only those who are well connected or sponsored have the opportunity to continue education and attend secondary school and university.

Blessed Hill focuses on teaching the children knowledge and also practical skills. The standard of education is good and children will learn to read and write English, which is very valuable to know in Uganda, and also learn sciences, maths and social studies. Blessed Hill also teaches each class different practical skills. The children learn to make liquid soap, jewellery, candles, grow crops, rear livestock and make rope. They then use these to live or go to the local market and sell.

Blessed Hill is a Christian school and everything is underlined by the love that God has for the children
through Jesus Christ, which is considered by the school to be the most important thing.