P.O BOX 35385 Kampala, Uganda
Kikonge Kyengeza along Mityana Rd

Blessed Hill Children Centre is a Christian based organization whose goal is to support, educate, feed and house orphaned, abandoned and rejected children for a positive social change.

We are based in Kikonge Kyengeza 48 kilometers along Mityana Road in Mityana district and is under Mrs. Sarah Lucy Sabiiti as the visionary.

This is our story

It all started way back in 1998. After losing all my brothers to the deadliest epidemic AIDS I had to take full responsibility for their children as well as for my own 5 children. It was not an easy journey but as a parent, I never gave up.

Seeing a lot of children in my neighborhood that are orphaned, neglected and abandoned my heart was moved to take care of them and I decided to be a mother to those children. I chose to take them in and house them in a rented building which I later registered as an orphanage school.

When my dear husband died life became complicated for both me and my children. I lost my job and could no longer pay the rent on the orphanage. At the end of our rent agreement, my landlord refused to renew the contract and we were forced to close the orphanage school. It was such an emotional time but I had nowhere else to take the children and I had to part ways with them.

Losing my husband was the worst thing that happened to my family. But I thank God that he enabled me to stand strong in the gap and be a blessing to these children. I am widow with a purpose and desire to help children and give them a better life and a future. My story comes from being a widow and a mother I looked back and made a decision to move forward. We lead by example.
Having lost my husband, life became miserable for me and family but in 2007, I managed to organize myself and rented a piece of land on which I built a temporary structure for the children and it was a fresh start.

2013 was a very trying year for us with lot of misfortunes. Our landlord evicted us from her property as she wished to develop the site and the children were left homeless. But everything happens for a reason. Our miracle delayed but God did not deny us our breakthrough and in late 2013 Aughton Ainsworth purchased a 3 acre piece of land for us.

The children were sent to boarding school whilst the orphanage school was built and in January 2015 we finally moved in.

This journey has not been an easy one but it’s worth taking a leap of faith to see children getting a second chance to a better life. I almost gave up because the burden was too heavy for me but nothing is impossible with God. God gave me courage and more wisdom. God has been good and I believe that he will continue to be gracious.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)